Cadet’s Welfare Fund

Need Based Scholarship

25% , 35% , 50% , 70%

Jinnah Scholarship

Merit Based Scholarship

100% for 1 Academic Year

CCH Alumni Trust

Need Based Scholarship

25% , 35% , 50% , 70%

Catchpole Scholarship Trust

Merit Based Scholarship

100% for 1 Academic Year

SOP for CCH Scholarship Programs

The recipients must continue to work hard and mantain their scholastic abilities.Recipients of Merit-Based Scholarships should mantain atleast 80% marks throughout the acadeic year and recipients of Need-Based scholarships should mantain atleast 70% marks throughout the academic year.

Execution of SOP

DVP-A will compile results of all scholars

Vice Principal will identify the non-conforming scholars and issue warnings. It will be clearly mentioned that repeated poor perfomance in the next exam will result in immediate stoppage of Scholartship.

In case of medical or any other valid reason for the deficiency, Principal`s decision regarding scholarship will be final.

Scholarships at Matric Level

PEEF Scholarships:

PEEF has been established by the Government of Punjab with the objective of promoting academic excellence by providing financial support to talented and deserving students to help them realize their potential.


A non-government educational welfare organization, the KIF has been providing financial assistance to destitute yet shining students of Pakistan, irrespective of their colour, creed, race and gender, primarily to encourage their talent and help them sail through their higher studies since

PEEF Scholarships

PEEF has been established by the Government of Punjab with the objective of promoting academic excellence by providing financial support to talented and deserving students to help them realize their potential.

Dalda Founadtion

DALDA Foundation was founded in 2008 to help people keep one of its most important promises: never turn anyone away because of inability to pay.DALDA Foundation since then have been helping the unpriviliged part of society by providing high standard health facilities and deserving students from all over Pakistan Scholarships for higher studies for universities in Pakistan and abroad regardless of their ability to pay.

AlFalah Scholarships

ALFALAH SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME was set up in 1998 when some of the considerate educators noticed with concern that a good number of promising and talented students have to give up their studies or some students with excellent academic record cannot go for higher education due to financial obstacles.

FEF Scholarships

Frontier Education Foundation has disbursed scholarships for the poor and deserving students of Khyber-Pakhtoonkhuwa.The basic criteria for this scholarship are based on Merit-cum-Inaffordibility.The Foundation selected highly prestigious educational institutions at national level for this scholarship.Scholarships are disbursed through 111 educational institutions of high repute in the country.

Scholarships for Higher Studies


If you are a talented, brilliant and an aspiring young student who excels acdemically yet is constricted by financial circumstances, then the LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) is for you!The LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) was launched in 2001, with the motive to provide the talented yet financially challenged youth of Pakistan a chance to study at LUMS on full financial aid.

IBA Talent Hunt Scholarship

The IBA offers financial assistance to deserving students in the form of various Financial Assistances mechanisms. IBA has a dedicated Financial Assistance Office and Financial Assistance Committee who administer all students financial need related affairs. A Financial Assistance committee scrutinizes applications of students seeking financial aid and sanctions assistance for those who demonstrate need.

NBP Scholarship Proragams

Pursuant to the announcement made by the Federal Finance Minister in his 2001-2002-budget speech, a STUDENTS LOAN SCHEME for Education was launched by the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with major commercial banks of Pakistan. Under the Scheme, financial assistance is provided by way of Interest Free Loans to the meritorious students who have financial constraints for pursuing their studies in Scientific, Technical and Professional education within Pakistan. .

NUST Scholarship Proragams

NUST provides NEED BASED SCHOLARSHIPS to its selected Under Graduate and Post Graduate students of fresh entry every year on the basis of their financial need. The final merit for award of NNBS is generated on the basis of need of the student and his/her admission merit.

FAST-NU Scholarship Proragams

Merit Based Scholarship is granted to Top Three position holders in admission test. Need Based Scholarships and Study Loans are also available for higher studies at FAST-National University.

Chief Minister's Education Endowment Fund (CMEEF)

The present government has established the Chief Minister's Education Endowment Fund (CMEEF) with initial seed money of Rs. 500 million. The Fund is operated under the provisions of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Scholarship Endowment Fund Act, 2014. The fund is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD) and Scholarship Management Committee constituted under the Act. The investment proceeds of the Fund shall be utilized for award of scholarships in the Approved Institutions.


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